Still trying

It often happens, that thoughts are creeping in. Sometimes they find their way inside slowly. Sometimes they come all at once. Often no one knows that this is going on. I might just be tired. Or annoyed. You know, something. It’s okay when I can hide it. Sometimes it goes away again because my surrounding helps getting me out of There’s more for you to read!

She suddenly died

She told me her mother unexpectedly died last week. Her mother was old, 82, and as everyone at that age had her old-age-complaints, but… her daughter had taken her to have a manicure, just the other day. She had suddenly died. Her daughter, now at my checkout, still with the bewildered expression on her face. It seems to be so There’s more for you to read!

Under the Surface

It is such a weird experience once you reach the surface. It feels as if you are suddenly able to breathe again after hours, days and sometimes weeks of suffocating. You need to get used to what was once a natural feeling. You’re afraid to even take a step. Is this real? Isn’t this some sort of illusion? Am I There’s more for you to read!

We get no vacation

I was walking home, a 6 minute walk from the bus stop, past the big pond in a neatly kept neighbourhood. My glance trailed down as I turned and the sun shone on my back. All around you could hear the quiet of nature; birds somewhere hidden in trees, water gushing ceaseless, a little breeze; and, of course, the children… laughing, playing; There’s more for you to read!

Where no one sees and no one knows

 I don’t want to feel. I’m not feeling. I’m numb. I have time… I should… Write that article. Create a poster. Read through course material. Manage Finance stuff. I should… I feel so tired… so numb. Why can’t I talk to you? Who should I talk to? Tomorrow… More work tomorrow. There’s a deadline tomorrow. I need to smile again, There’s more for you to read!

Why I quit my job

Decisions, decisions… It is very hard for me to make decisions. If you are an over-thinker like I am, it may seem impossible to make any. The problem is that there is no definite ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. The world isn’t black and white and although that makes life a lot more exciting, it also makes it more difficult. As for There’s more for you to read!