I write emotions

Throughout the years, people have often asked me what kind of stories I like to write. I’ve answered this question with many different answers, most of which I don’t recall. The truth is, for a long time I wasn’t sure what kind of stories I like to write. I knew what I liked to write but I didn’t know how to refer to it. Sometimes I like to write a young adult story and sometimes I like to write just fiction. I know I’m a writer of realism but I occasionally like to add fantasy elements too.

Often, I can’t quite show a full story to the people that like to read what I write either even though I write in my spare time. It’s because I often write small snippets… tiny little moments or unfinished pieces that need a lot of editing and I have come to realise why; it’s because I like to write emotions. (I specifically didn’t say ‘I like to write about emotions’ as I aim to try and make the reader feel a certain emotion, rather than just portraying one.) I can write ‘a lot’ but these aren’t finished stories. My spare time writing mostly consist of perfecting my primary goal which is to capture a feeling or emotion and they need to be captured quickly or they escape.

I tend to write down little snippets of moments in my life in which I experience an intense emotion. I have written down certain moments that happened years ago; I found some recently and up until I read them, I couldn’t remember that the moment had ever happened and much less so the emotion attached to it. The little piece of writing, no matter how small, put me right back in the moment and makes me experience the emotion exactly as I felt it back then. What’s more so is that my old pieces of prose are often not written very well, and yet they do serve their purpose. As those, they are rather useful because they help me recall a memory I would have otherwise lost, while they can also become the start of a full story.

I have come to realise that I can capture a moment and an emotion better than a picture can and now that I have realised so I am starting to also realise what I truly wish to write. I wish to write stories that convey emotions to the point that a reader will hopefully be able to empathise with a character on an emotional level, even if they feel like they cannot relate to the character at all. In that sense, which genre I write in doesn’t matter. Coming to this realisation has given me a peace of mind as well as new confidence. For too long, I doubted myself thinking I wasn’t a real writer since I couldn’t even tell other people what I liked to write. Therefore, from now on I’d like to refer to myself as a writer of emotion and that’s that.

Some of my short pieces of prose:
Sausage and Mash
I Remember

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