It’s about HOW you handle a situation

I have recently taken on a new mindset to deal with continuous struggles. I used to measure how well I was doing based on the circumstances and on how I was feeling. Say I’d have three breakdowns in a week, had been feeling dizzy every day and been awoken by dreams every night, then I’d say I’d been doing pretty There’s more for you to read!

What are my rights as an EU citizen in the UK after Brexit?

Who still knows what’s going on with Brexit? Anything can happen by this point, although the more likely option is that nothing will happen for the next few months and we’ll stay stuck in this crazy limbo for a while longer. Either way, whether the UK leaves the EU with or without a deal, on the 29th of March or later, There’s more for you to read!

Trying to get help: my records

The help that I have received or the lack thereof for my mental health problems has been, very nicely put, inadequate. Trying to get help is almost as much of a struggle as my actual problems are and have only caused additional breakdowns. I want to show you a glance into what it’s been like for me, based on general There’s more for you to read!

Fitting in Society’s beauty standards

Why do we always worry about our appearances? Why do we worry about whether how we dress is ‘too much’ or not? Or ‘too pretty’ for the occasion. Why are there certain occasions in which we can’t be that pretty, somehow? It’s like there has been a complete flip of rules since growing up. As teenagers, following fashion and wearing There’s more for you to read!


I created this video last summer (2018), after finishing my writing project for my undergraduate degree. My writing project was about Kyle, a 16-year-old girl who suffers from the lasting effect childhood trauma had on her. Throughout the story, she is trying to uncover and remember what happened to her during her childhood so that she can figure out what There’s more for you to read!


I wrote this creative writing piece during the third year of my undergraduate degree in 2018 for a writing crime fiction module. I recently watched the series ‘You’ on Netflix which is based on a book with the same name. It reminded me of the little piece I had written, which has inspired me to share it on here. It’s There’s more for you to read!

i can find no meaning

i can find no meaning can write no pretty words there is no explanation no saving im stuck between these walls that i can touch and never feel   i can find no meaning no reason for this pain its endlesness in isolation the ridicule of it all   ive lost my voice i can find no meaning     There’s more for you to read!

Overcoming the Fear of Failing

Do you remember participating in sports tournaments during your childhood? Let’s say, a tennis tournament, in my case. Or do you remember participating in a drawing or poetry contest, or did you ever audition for a musical? If I participated in any competition, my parents would tell me: ‘Remember, it doesn’t matter if you win as long as you try There’s more for you to read!

Black Pete Shouldn’t be Black

When people ask me about my favourite holiday, my answer is Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas), even though I haven’t celebrated it in 10 years. Holidays like Christmas don’t bring me as much excitement as it does for other people. But if there’s one thing I’d like children to experience it’s Sinterklaas, because it was one of the best things in my childhood. There’s more for you to read!

I published a book when I was 13 and felt utterly ashamed

On 11 May 2009, I published a novella named ‘Een Moeilijke Kamp Ervaring,’ which directly translates to ‘A difficult camping experience’. I was 13 at the time and felt the utmost compulsion to write this story down as quickly as I could. I believe it only took me a few weeks to write and finish it, and once I did, There’s more for you to read!

The Art of Drinking and Going Out

For years I struggled with the idea of going out. Entering a place where your shirt sticks to your back and where dozens of people are tipsy or drunk, dancing and shouting over the loud music has never been my idea of fun and certainly not one of comfort. Yet, this seemed to be the social thing people do once There’s more for you to read!

My Birthday is a Trigger

Birthdays are supposed to be good days; days that you look forward to and wish to celebrate. I liked my birthday a lot when I was a child. Everyone likes receiving presents, eating cake and celebrating with friends, right? I do too, or I used to, at the very least. However, my birthday has turned into a day of expectations. Birthdays There’s more for you to read!

Mental Health Ignorance

It is incredibly hard to recognise one’s own feelings and it is even harder to convey such feelings in words. Telling someone else that you’re not okay is difficult because admitting that you’re not okay feels like admitting that you’re weak, and it also feels as if you’re burdening the other person with a problem that isn’t theirs. However, it There’s more for you to read!