My Analogy with Lesbians

‘I don’t mind her knowing as she is another lesbian like the two of us,’ Will said to me. You’re right, Will is a guy’s name and he is certainly not a lesbian, nor is the ‘she’ he referred to. A few weeks ago I brought this strange analogy to life when I tried to show my friends they had nothing to be afraid of in my company. The analogy went as followed:

Lesbian A doesn’t want other people to know she’s gay. Lesbian B knows Lesbian A is a lesbian and it is okay that she knows because Lesbian B can relate to Lesbian A. Lesbian B will not judge Lesbian A for being a lesbian or for wanting to keep it to herself. There is no danger in the knowledge of Lesbian B for Lesbian A because Lesbian B does not judge.


Maybe you think I’m crazy and maybe I am, but let me try to explain myself a bit more. Imagine you feel ashamed of liking anime and therefore don’t want other people to know. Or you have an obsession with rubber ducks or a foot fetish or playing World of Warcraft. Obviously, you don’t want anyone to know about your obsession but would you really mind if another person with the same obsession knew?

To be honest, taking a lesbian as an example isn’t the best. If you do struggle with coming out you could still mind it if another lesbian knew. And of course, it is not always true that another like-minded person possesses no danger to you. It just so happened to be the same word that came to mind at that time and doesn’t that say a lot about me? ;)


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