Who am I?

“Can’t throw straight cause I’m not” – Malou

I am Malou Micola von Fürstenrecht
23, an observer, a creative writer, an aspiring novelist, an MFA student in St. Andrews, an AMV-editor, a football, tennis and basketball player and a realist who sometimes likes to pretend to fly away from this world.

My blog represents me
My blog represents a very honest part of me and if you read each post there is no need for you to linger on this page. However, I like to think that I am slightly more positive than my posts suggest. Some of them may seem rather dark but writing about my struggles is often a vital step in my coping process. While to readers it might seem as if I am in despair (and to be fair I might have been as I was writing) afterwards I feel a lot better and there’s no need to worry.

I am a Multimedia designer
I am also a multimedia designer and graduated as an ‘animation and audiovisual designer.’ I specialise in video editing, which I do professionally (showreel) and just as a hobby. Apart from this blog, I have a youtube channel (Miilru) on which I upload my Anime Music Videos. Video editing used to be my main way of expressing myself but I gradually moved back to expressing myself through writing instead.

Social Media
You can follow me on Instagram, Goodreads, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook:
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Please note that I am not a native English speaker and will most likely make mistakes. I learn best by trial and error so maybe this blog is, at the same time, a way to improve my English. Do not mistake this blog for my ‘creative writing’ apart from the posts in the category ‘Malou’s written prose’. I do not claim to be an expert on the topics I write about, posts are written based on my personal thoughts.