Our new house

As I started writing this, I wasn’t at home. I was with my dad in Enschede which is as close as I will get to my old home. We didn’t have wi-fi yet. While I was in Korea, my entire household moved. My dad got his own apartment in Enschede, my mom moved to Soest and a day after that There’s more for you to read!

My last three years, playing football

Last night, my football team kept on recurring in my dreams. I wasn’t really aware the season was ending and that once it did; that was it for me, the end. Yesterday, I was not even aware when it became truly apparent during my last match. But now that I’ve been dreaming dreams about playing with them all night, I There’s more for you to read!

Like day and night

I always tell others: we are like day and night, my sister and I. It has been visible in our appearances; she always dressed more lady-like whereas I preferred comfort and did not care all that much. She liked to do the typical girl things and I rather played outside with boys. As we grew older these differences became less There’s more for you to read!

Quality time with my sister: chasing a mouse

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the phenomenon; cats that bring their owners’ mice as presents, but believe me, it’s true. Our cats can go freely in and out of the house due to their cat door. We close it at night to make sure no such presents can be brought inside. This usually works very well until There’s more for you to read!

Every cat looks like a cat

Did anyone tell you yet how nice the weather is today? Because god, the weather is so nice today. However, there was no other soul nearby for me to share this revelation with, for both my mom and sister, have real life things to do. So I was just sitting here, all alone in a house that is really too There’s more for you to read!

Breathe, Malou

I can describe us with an endless list of songs. I can see her in everything she has ever talked about. She used to be my first thought in the morning and my last thought when I went to bed. She didn’t even leave me in my dreams. She was always there, with me, in my head, but hasn’t been There’s more for you to read!