Our new house

As I started writing this, I wasn’t at home. I was with my dad in Enschede which is as close as I will get to my old home. We didn’t have wi-fi yet. While I was in Korea, my entire household moved. My dad got his own apartment in Enschede, my mom moved to Soest and a day after that my sister moved to Utrecht.

The first day I came home in Soest I was greeted by dozens of boxes. They were behind every door, downstairs and upstairs. Exhausted from my flight, all I wanted to do was sleep but my arrival was accompanied by stories about the horror of our move. I did get my sleep though, I passed out before 10- then woke up at 3 AM (10 AM Korean time). That had been our actual rhythm and it seemed that changing countries did not change that too. A constant headache plagued me the following day as I finally gave up trying to sleep around 7 AM. I did not feel like doing anything at all. The house felt weird, this country felt weird and my room definitely wasn’t my room. A few days later I gave into my urge to video edit for which I needed an a-still-packed-in-boxes external drive. It took me 20 boxes before I found it and my room was a mess. No way I could sit at my desk now.


I threw out 2 boxes full of previously-owned-by-me stuff, some clothes and requested my mom to store a few statue thingies elsewhere. I believe the result looks a lot more appealing.


The thing is though, in a while, this might not be my room anymore. Instead of using wallpaper, the previous owner used a synthetic material for most of their walls. This is an inflammable substance and needs to be removed. The plan is to work on it from room to room and once everything is done we will rearrange who sleeps where. It doesn’t matter much, I will be living in Wales anyway. However, with this knowledge in mind it feels useless to try and make this ‘my room’ now. And, actually, with all the piles of books it is pretty clear that it is.


Our new house is old, but that makes it characteristic. You can hear the wood creak when you walk through the hall or down the staircase. There is really no way around that. Bye, bye are the days in which I could unnoticeably creep through our house. I’m not sure whether this house is actually smaller than our last one. It may be, but my room definitely isn’t and neither is the garden. As I was busy getting accustomed to this new place, I continued posting about Korea. For all you know, I could have still been there. In total, I have made around 4000 pictures in Asia and spent 2 to 3 days making a first selection consisting of 1700 pictures. Sadly, I will have to go through those again. My dad requested a selection of 100, ha, ha.

Other than Korea-related things, I have simply continued my vacation by doing nothing but things I want to do and for being able to do so, I feel very lucky.



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  1. Ilse

    Wauw, dat was een grote bom! Je kamer is wel erg tof, trouwens, met dat plankgeval dat gewoon in de muur lijkt te zitten. Je gaat toch ook wel een foto showen van je nieuwe kamer, toch?! =D

  2. Miilru Post author

    Haha idd! Dat plankgeval is perfect voor boeken! Ik ga zeker foto’s showen van mijn nieuwe kamer ja :)

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