That one person

There’s hair everywhere. In the bed, in my clothes and at random places around the place. This is something I would have said when I still lived with cats, but the hair comes from someone else this time and it is not my girlfriend’s. I’m the one with the long hair and although I never really noticed the trail I left behind before, it’s Iben, really, who had to get used to it.

She brought healthier food into my life. I brought chocolate into hers. Every now and then I make an effort to dress up properly for her, while she, because of me, now spends a lot of days in more comfortable clothes.


Over time I had forgotten… or perhaps I was never aware of all my weird sides. For most of the world, I had created a permanent mask and she broke it down so easily as if it was nothing.

She’s the person who, when I panicked at 3 am, held me all night long. Only to tell me the next morning (after a bit of pushing) she didn’t sleep well because she can’t sleep on her side.

I didn’t expect it to be like this. I didn’t know someone could make me this happy. But she does.



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