Making of my AMV

The feelings that inspired this video
“Every time I close my eyes, I have this picture in my head in which she gives me a soft kiss on the cheek, lets me be and I slip away in a dreamy world. It’s sweet, romantic, tender and at the same time there’s agony, torture, desire and the stab of a knife.”

Making of
I started this video a few months ago and quit working on it after 3 hours. It was intended to be a one day edit and I picked it up on August 23. Now it may seem like these two characters are lovers (I sure hope it seems like that), but they are nothing like that in the actual anime. The manipulations aren’t the best but did serve their purpose and I’m quite satisfied seeing as this video was more or less a one day edit.

These were not all the edits made. I chose to show you a few but the others were composed in the same way.





My Youtube Channel: Miilru
Characters: Hakaze Kusaribe & Aika Fuwa
Anime: Zetsuen No Tempest
Song: Moondust
Artist: Jaymes Young
Studio: r3act Team SesSions


4 Replies to “Making of my AMV”

  1. Miilru Post author

    Dankjewel!! :) Haha ja dat heb ik ook gedaan! WMM werd toen nog best veel gebruikt XD wel grappig dat iedereen nu direct begint met Sony Vegas ofzo, haha.

  2. Jinn

    Omg een blogger en een AMV editor, wat awesome! *Subscribe!* ik maak ook AMV’s die ik tegenwoordig upload op mijn HachikoNana account :D mooie AMV! <33

  3. Miilru Post author

    Haha! Guess you don’t see that often? :) Ik kijk nooit meer echt in mijn sub box, maar het is wel gaaf dat jij ook AMV’s maakt! Je deed ook mee aan het meest recente amv contest toch op een con in nederlands? :) Een vriendin van mij gaat daar altijd heen, Lydia, MarikoAMV. Miss ken je haar? Congrats on the third place btw! :) & thank you ^^ I’m gonna check out your blog too once I get time (currently saying goodbye and packing & all ~stress)

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