You were a friend of mine

I have previously written about her in another blog post. That blog post was inspired by this video and the blog post inspired this video. The idea and ‘story’ of this video are inspired by my own emotions regarding a real person. I used this manga for the sole purpose of conveying these emotions. I did not figure out the There’s more for you to read!

Explaining Anime Music Videos

The video above explains AMV editing in its most basic form. #1 choose a song. #2 choose an anime. #3 take certain parts out of the anime episode and place it on the song. Anyone can do it. We all have Windows Movie Maker, right? (Unless you’re using an MAC, of course.) But not everyone makes the same video and There’s more for you to read!

My Avatar obsession

I am not a fangirl and have never been. I don’t get over the top addicted to series or shows or anything, really. But there was one show that I did obsess over for a while *cough*, a few years. I might not remember important happenings from history lessons, but I still know all these things about ATLA. If you There’s more for you to read!