We had to run to make it to Glasgow

‘It’s not there. It’s not there! I should go back,’ I said as I started running. I had 15 minutes before the train to ‘Glasgow’ would leave and I wouldn’t be able to get on it without the card I thought I’d forgotten at home. Completely flustered I had checked all the pockets I had but couldn’t find it. About 20 seconds after I had started running Iben found the railcard and started running after me. Only in front of the house, she managed to tell me she found the card. We made it to the train in time with 2 minutes to spare. I had trouble holding my laughter.

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Having made it on the train, we arrived in Glasgow around 8 o’clock. We didn’t do anything special and simply walked around the city for a while before heading back to our hostel.


We slept in an 8-bed female dorm in Eurohostel. The room was boiling and neither of us slept very well. Turns out it is not ideal to sleep in a single room with 6 other people. Luckily we only stayed for one night as we travelled on to Edinburgh the next day.


Glasgow’s Cathedral & Necropolis

Before heading off to Edinburgh we visited Glasgow’s cathedral and necropolis in the morning which we could enter for free. And so our week of playing tourists began.

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Our trip continued in Edinburgh

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