My favourite yellow friend

My favourite yellow friend

He had a square shaped head
The toy with mini canons on its end
My yellow favourite now beheaded
Next to his silver swordsman friend

Between swaying towers
Their skin steadily turned green
On their stomach they crawled
To be for the enemy unseen

Far, far away from the arena
Where the referee was left behind
Now unaware of luring shadows
In search of a victory they had hoped to find

They ran and shot, ran and shot
So sudden, with four of them they came
Shouting, the dice gone up
A lasting decision made

A leg and arm quickly deficit
Yet never before did it end
The endless fun we had playing
Until the beheading of my favourite yellow friend

Written for one of my modules at university in first year (2016). Based on one of the toy figures I used to play with as a child and a memory in which we lost the figure’s head while playing in the grass. I learned to try and use imagery and also focused on the shape of the poem and rhyme. I don’t think anyone gets what the hell is going on in the poem, but I like the memory I saved for myself :)

Based on Metabee and Rokusho in the anime Medabots

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