My favourite yellow friend

My favourite yellow friend He had a square shaped head The toy with mini canons on its end My yellow favourite now beheaded Next to his silver swordsman friend Between swaying towers Their skin steadily turned green On their stomach they crawled To be for the enemy unseen Far, far away from the arena Where the referee was left behind There’s more for you to read!


I remember my dream in which I would fly with blue wings attached to my back and watching a day pass by from the edge of a cloud. I remember the projection of a news channel on the wall in class showing the collapse of the first Twin Tower. As I stepped out into my backyard at home the blue There’s more for you to read!

Driving through my old hometown

I visited the Netherlands in the Christmas vacation several weeks ago. During my stay there, I saw my dad back in the town where I attended school for three years and while we were there we ended up driving through the town that I grew up in. We were only there to see my grandmother and I didn’t think to There’s more for you to read!