The right to die

Why are you so concerned about how someone else lives his or her life? Who are you to decide whether someone has to live or not? Do you feel the pain and suffering that this person has to go through? Have you spoken to this individual and listened to his pain and suffering? I am talking to you, Kees van der Staaij, the Dutch leader of a religious party called the SGP.

‘In the Netherlands the doctor kills you,’ is the title of his opinion piece that he sent to America. He states that the Dutch euthanasia policy is too liberal (read about the policy here). But here’s my question: on what grounds and for what reason do you think everyone has to live? (‘Life is the most precious gift God is giving us. People have to keep their hands off,’ their site reads.) Has this idea always been stuck in your head? Have you ever questioned it? Or is it a matter of why would I, choosing to die isn’t normal.

But why is that? We relieve pets from their suffering when a disease has gone too far or if there’s only suffering left. Why isn’t this a possibility for humans? Why do we have to suffer when there’s no need to?

Are you fighting against euthanasia because it brings along change? Is it too difficult for you to open up to something that could relieve another human being from pain?

Sometimes life is one big prison. Society and the government help us with their rules and structure but keeping someone against their will when there’s no reason to is the opposite of helping.

‘Now that the fundamental right to life is threatened in the Netherlands, it’s time for others to voice their opinions on the Dutch culture of euthanasia,’ van der Staaij writes. The fundamental right to live? As far as I know, the right to live isn’t taken away by giving people the choice whether they want to end their life.

Once circumstances in our lives have become too dire, we individuals should all have the choice to live or die. Having to talk to a doctor and meeting conditions is understandable. But what I don’t understand is that the SGP leader knocks on America’s door in the hope to shrink our policy on euthanasia.

Read the Dutch version here

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