What are my rights as an EU citizen in the UK after Brexit?

Who still knows what’s going on with Brexit? Anything can happen by this point, although the more likely option is that nothing will happen for the next few months and we’ll stay stuck in this crazy limbo for a while longer. Either way, whether the UK leaves the EU with or without a deal, on the 29th of March or later, There’s more for you to read!

Fitting in Society’s beauty standards

Why do we always worry about our appearances? Why do we worry about whether how we dress is ‘too much’ or not? Or ‘too pretty’ for the occasion. Why are there certain occasions in which we can’t be that pretty, somehow? It’s like there has been a complete flip of rules since growing up. As teenagers, following fashion and wearing There’s more for you to read!

Black Pete Shouldn’t be Black

When people ask me about my favourite holiday, my answer is Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas), even though I haven’t celebrated it in 10 years. Holidays like Christmas don’t bring me as much excitement as it does for other people. But if there’s one thing I’d like children to experience it’s Sinterklaas, because it was one of the best things in my childhood. There’s more for you to read!

NHS VS Dutch Healthcare: Which one needs a sick day?

Before I moved to Wales, I checked whether I needed to have an insurance in the UK. I found out that the UK runs the NHS, a free healthcare system. My mum worried because she had heard (on the news) that the NHS had some issues, but I waved her worries away. Surely, it couldn’t be that bad and I There’s more for you to read!

Somehow we’re still allowed to smoke

Sometimes the human race is pretty stupid. I’m sure we can all agree with that statement even if you may not agree with what I’m about to write. I’m not referring to smokers with that statement. Instead, I’m referring to the fact that smoking in public places, such as the street, is still allowed. Smoking has been around for a There’s more for you to read!

Scrapping ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’?

While Trump has just banned transgenders from the military, Amsterdam announced that they will henceforth only use gender neutral language. Just two weeks earlier, the London Underground announced to scrap ‘ladies and gentlemen’ for a gender-neutral greeting and yesterday the NS, the biggest train operator in the Netherlands announced that they will do the same. I think this is a great There’s more for you to read!

The right to die

Why are you so concerned about how someone else lives his or her life? Who are you to decide whether someone has to live or not? Do you feel the pain and suffering that this person has to go through? Have you spoken to this individual and listened to his pain and suffering? I am talking to you, Kees van There’s more for you to read!

Is it racist to dress up as a dementor?

It may not be as celebrated everywhere, but Halloween surely is in Aberystwyth. Shops decorate for the occasion and there’s no need to ring the alarm bells when you see creepy figures roam around town. Many clubs have Halloween themed socials but costumes don’t necessarily have to be scary. I always panic when I need to think of what to There’s more for you to read!

Are paedophiles evil?

Are paedophiles bad people? They are pure evil, some people will say. But are they? The topic came up in a class called ‘learn career and citizenship’, 3 years ago. Our teacher said, “I don’t really think these people can help themselves. What if you are born that way? That must be really awful. I would feel really awful.” I There’s more for you to read!