A person is a person

I remember a time in which I thought I was okay with seeing two girls in a romantic relationship but felt like I couldn’t look at them if they were kissing. I think this was the case for me because I could relate to it and that scared me. The key thing that I would like to focus on here is the fear. People tend to be afraid of the unknown or anything that is unusual. When I was young, homosexuality was relatively unknown and unusual for me and was, in my head, for some reason surrounded by something negative. It felt forbidden.

If we consider that there was a time in which I didn’t particularly wanted to be close to anything homosexual but consider myself a lesbian now, it might not seem as strange anymore that other people struggle with coming to terms with something to which their first response is to be afraid. Yes, naturally, in an ideal world, this shouldn’t be the case. Everyone should accept everyone for who they are right away. As it turns out, however, we don’t live in an ideal world.

It seems to me as if sometimes people who aren’t as okay with anyone who considers themselves to be queer in any way, don’t dislike these people until they get to know about the homosexual part. This is strange because a person is a person no matter their sexuality. Therefore, maybe, if these people see we are people like everyone else and if they lose their fear of our ‘unusual’ sexuality, we are able to live alongside each other.

Naturally, I don’t like to be judged or frowned upon and if I feel like someone is doing just that, my natural response would be to avoid said person. But I think, maybe rather than attacking or avoiding them, or judging them for judging me it’s better to just be who I am, change nothing and be around as much as I otherwise would be so that in time they will see that my sexuality does not matter. And maybe once they see that one person is normal they will be more open towards others.


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