Summer Ball 2016

Every year there’s a summer ball at the end of the academic year. The ball was kind of ridiculously expensive but I figured I would want to go at least once during my university time and if I were to go now I would know whether it’s worth it for the coming years. Back in September I stayed in while my entire flat went to Blackhouse (a semi-similar event hosted by the students union.) This time the roles were turned around as I ended up being the only one going. Who would have thought I’d be the one to go?

Although my flat didn’t go, my ‘second flat’ or current living place did.


The ball followed a space theme with areas sorted into ‘Lost in space’ featuring artists that I personally didn’t know (DJ Fresh, Everything Everything and 5ive), ‘The Blackhole’ featuring more artists I had never heard of (Jaguar Skills and Residents), ‘Innerspace’ featuring indie/rock music, ‘The launch pad’ with more live bands and a silent disco and ‘The outer space’ with fairground rides and street food.












I’m not sure if the organised ball itself was worth the exact amount of money, but I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this night. I had a great time!

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