The coastal path to Borth

Living in Aberystwyth often feels like being on a holiday. I wake up with a view of the sea when I enter the kitchen. Seagulls are a part of the town and the environment gives me this calm sort of happy vibe. During my time here, the more time passed, more and more people started mentioning the coastal path to Borth to me. The path is about 5 miles long which is about 8 kilometers and takes you on a walk, as the name suggest, along the coast. The scenery was promised to be beautiful. We planned the trip for a sunny day and set out in the early afternoon by walking up to Constitution Hill.


The coastal path starts at the top of constitution hill.


And then along the path, we suddenly saw a stray glove.

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‘Not another picture…’

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And then we made it to Borth… the town that has literally one street.



Pictures by Vanessa Feichtner

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