You were a friend of mine

I have previously written about her in another blog post. That blog post was inspired by this video and the blog post inspired this video. The idea and ‘story’ of this video are inspired by my own emotions regarding a real person. I used this manga for the sole purpose of conveying these emotions. I did not figure out the actual story of the manga until a few days ago (there’s no English translation). However, to fit the manga I did use the names of these two characters:
Meiko and Rei. I used a different font for both of them.

Meiko: “I love you.”

Rei: “Meiko!”
Meiko: “…sweetheart…”
Rei: “Are you alright?”
Meiko: “Don’t worry.”

Meiko: “Think of me.”
Meiko: “I’m sorry.”

Meiko: “I love you.”
Meiko: “don’t worry.”
Meiko: “sweetheart.”
Meiko: “I’ll be back.”
Rei: “I love you.”
Meiko: “think of me.”
Rei: “please”
Rei: “please”
Rei: “I’m here”
Rei: “please”
Rei: “I’d be so good to you”
Rei: “please”
Rei: “I’d do anything”

Rei: “please”
Rei: “please”
Rei: “please”
Rei: “You’re never coming back, are you?”

Title: You were a friend of mine
Manga: Fujiyuu Sekai
Song: Masterpiece Theatre III
Artist: Mariana’s Trench
Studio: R3act Team SesSions

I would like to thank my friends for listening countless times to my ‘heartbroken’ story.


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