Our first stop in Edinburgh wasn’t very touristic although set in an old church. We stayed in Belford hostel but had trouble sleeping as one of our roommates snored louder than a bear! I don’t think Vanessa’s earplugs were effective enough but then again, Iben didn’t hear a thing.


Day 1

Apart from the sleeping conditions it was great to be in Edinburgh. On our first day, we made our way to the castle and passed this:


Edinburgh Castle


To reach the castle we had to walk up the hill, which, thanks to Penglais hill in Aber, didn’t really matter. We spend the entire afternoon in the castle even though I didn’t find the castle itself incredibly special. I’m not sure why but it didn’t give me a castle like feeling. However, the view up there is magnificent.


Afterwards, we walked around Old Town, hid from the rain in some mall and ended up near the train station before heading out for dinner.


Day 2

We only had half a day left before moving on to Inverness. I wanted to see more of the city itself so Iben and I decided to walk around and take pictures. Initially, we wanted to climb Arthur’s Seat but decided against it because of our backpacks. And so we ended up seeing the following:

St. Mary’s Cathedral, Sherlock Holmes & Scott Monument

IMG_9017 IMG_9138 IMG_9151

Dean village


The Royal Botanic Gardens


The city 



Our trip continued in Inverness

My trip through Scotland:
Part 1: We had to run to make it to Glasgow
Part 2: Edinburgh
Part 3: On the lookout for Nessi!
Part 4: The Jacobite Steam Train (coming soon)

Pictures by Vanessa Feichtner

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