Returning to the Netherlands

I’ve been back in this flat country for almost two weeks now and will stay, for the first time since moving away three years ago, for almost two months (discounting graduation week in Wales and a short trip to Germany). While my stay will only be temporary (as I’ll be starting a master in Scotland), it kind of feels like There’s more for you to read!

15 British Peculiarities

You alright? In Britain, a greeting isn’t a simple ‘hi’. Instead, a greeting always includes the question of how you are. I don’t understand the concept of this because when you pass each other on the street there’s no time to answer the question? And are you supposed to ask the question in return when an answer isn’t really expected There’s more for you to read!

The Jacobite Steam Train (Harry Potter)

When I was looking around for things to do in Scotland, the Jacobite train showed up more than once with Harry Potter in its title. I couldn’t really ignore it, being the Harry Potter fan I am so eventually I clicked on it and found out the train took the route over the viaduct that is featured in the movies. There’s more for you to read!

On the lookout for Nessi!

Inverness, the place close to Loch Ness, home of Nessi. The monster my dad told me to look out for. ‘Think twice before you dive into Loch Ness!’ But it is the monster we all secretly want to see. That night we prepared ourselves in Cavell House to face the monster. Batteries of camera’s were charged, we filled our stomachs with chinese, followed by There’s more for you to read!


Our first stop in Edinburgh wasn’t very touristic although set in an old church. We stayed in Belford hostel but had trouble sleeping as one of our roommates snored louder than a bear! I don’t think Vanessa’s earplugs were effective enough but then again, Iben didn’t hear a thing. Day 1 Apart from the sleeping conditions it was great to be in There’s more for you to read!

We had to run to make it to Glasgow

‘It’s not there. It’s not there! I should go back,’ I said as I started running. I had 15 minutes before the train to ‘Glasgow’ would leave and I wouldn’t be able to get on it without the card I thought I’d forgotten at home. Completely flustered I had checked all the pockets I had but couldn’t find it. About There’s more for you to read!

The coastal path to Borth

Living in Aberystwyth often feels like being on a holiday. I wake up with a view of the sea when I enter the kitchen. Seagulls are a part of the town and the environment gives me this calm sort of happy vibe. During my time here, the more time passed, more and more people started mentioning the coastal path to There’s more for you to read!

Trip to Aberystwyth

In the last post before my 3-month break, I talked about stress. It turned out that the stress became too much for my body to handle and I became ill right a day before I had to leave. I felt so miserable that I had no choice but to lie in bed and mum finished packing for me. We left There’s more for you to read!

Visiting the wealthy

A few years ago I developed a certain interest in castles. At that time, I was writing a story about a princess and was struggling with the exact setting on the inside of her castle. I finally acquired a very detailed map of the inside of one such castle during my 6th visit to one. For a few years now, There’s more for you to read!

The Forest Crocodile and Rats!

And so, day two of our road trip began. Our first stop: Hermanns Denkmal. Hermann is a modern translation of the original name, Arminius.He is known to have led a coalition of several Germanic tribes in rising against Rome. Three Roman legions were destroyed and because of this, Germania did not become a Roman province. As the unifier of several Germanic tribes There’s more for you to read!

Hello Kitty Cafe and actual cats

We did the Hongdae experience, which in our case means we visited differently themed cafes starting with the Hello Kitty Desert Cafe. It was morning when we got there and we hadn’t had any breakfast yet or, any actual food and we did not get it in here either. Rather, we had some shaved ice cream; a double chocolate something There’s more for you to read!

Chicken and beer at the Hangang river

The minute we left the subway we were approached by several persons. While Ina and I averted our eyes, Yuchin took the first flyer with a friendly smile. But as soon as the others saw she accepted it, she quickly collected a pile of them. Now you may think that… even though she got a lot of flyers, they must at There’s more for you to read!