Road trip with dad Day1

I don’t see my dad as often as I used to when my parents were still together. When I do, we often either go out for dinner or watch a movie in the cinema. Since I’ll be leaving soon for Wales, I thought it might be nice to spend a little more time together. Therefore, I suggested we pay a little visit to Germany and this turned into a little three-day road trip.

I suppose it would make sense if I showed you the car that we have been driving in, but I did not take such a picture. Instead, take a look at the picture below. I think we can all agree that my right side is not the side that we should take pictures of. But hey, at least you got to see me drive ;).


Our trip started in Enschede and as I was driving, my dad made up our route as we went. (Thank god he knows how to read maps because I certainly do not.) We took the highway until we reached Ibbenbüren and made our first 2-minute stop in Tecklenburg. Due to the mist, there wasn’t much to see.


As you do on a road trip, we- or I- drove on and on and on (I won’t bore you with our conversations- I’ll selflessly keep them to myself), and finally stopped in Bad Rothenfelde. There we were, in Bad Rothenfelde to admire a ‘Gradierwerke’. For those of us who do not speak German, it’s basically a very big wall of salt. And you know what? According to my dad, the wall tastes very salty!


This stop was supposed to be our highlight of the day, but as it turns out, you can’t go up on the wall on weekdays. Our highlight didn’t take us very high, but my dad said he heard whispers of Roman ghosts coming from inside of the Gradierwerke. They supposedly stayed healthy because of the salt which is why their ghosts are still lingering around. Whether Romans were ever here at all, I don’t know. I have learned to take the things my dad says with a grain of salt, HA.

Dad had to rearrange his planned route then and eventually led us to Detmold. We found a hotel with wi-fi and will continue our trip today.



Day 2 of our road trip
Day 3 of our road trip

4 Replies to “Road trip with dad Day1”

  1. auwyn

    “And you know what? According to my dad, the wall tastes very salty!”

    Oh god, that’s definitely a dad joke. Don’t know if I can say it’s a good or bad one though, hahaha.
    And you’re starting to make some too, Malou pls.

    Have fun for what’s left of the roadtrip though, it sounds exciting ;3

  2. Miilru Post author

    Don’t you know that’s my way of joking back at him? He reads these things too, was laughing out loud in bed when he saw it this morning ha. But hey, all I’m doing is conveying the atmosphere of our road trip ;D True, true, though, I’m easily influenced like that ;p Thank you Mounia <3

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