Monkeys in our backyard

We just rolled out of bed after a text had come in earlier. Alya was coming to our neighbourhood; she asked if we were already awake. “She probably wants to meet up in the evening and is simply checking on beforehand,” Ina said. Turns out wishful thinking doesn’t always work, haha. Alya was already here, waiting for us in a There’s more for you to read!

When fear carries the biggest weight

Sometimes there are moments in which you can’t see straight anymore. As soon as fear weighs the heaviest, realism will be off the scale completely. The positive which usually outweighs the negative does no longer seem to matter. If it’s like this and this, you can either do this and this, but neither works out. No matter what you do, There’s more for you to read!

Preparing my trip to South Korea

A month ago, my tennis trainer asked me if I was already counting down the days. My dad came with the same question one and a half week later while Yeşim has been saying I’m going to be so far away every time I see her. The truth is, no one really seems to be aware that I am leaving There’s more for you to read!

Where no one sees and no one knows

 I don’t want to feel. I’m not feeling. I’m numb. I have time… I should… Write that article. Create a poster. Read through course material. Manage Finance stuff. I should… I feel so tired… so numb. Why can’t I talk to you? Who should I talk to? Tomorrow… More work tomorrow. There’s a deadline tomorrow. I need to smile again, There’s more for you to read!