Packing for university

Including today, there are only 12 days left until I move from this rainy country to the other. Needless to say, it is about time to start packing and our little ‘scavenger hunt’ for supplies is well on its way. The first thing my mum knew to find was the bedding. The accommodation only provides the frame of a bed and a mattress so my bed is most likely going to look the same as the one at home.

I created a ‘what-to-bring list’ in word but switched to another one in excel. (In case you are curious, click here.) I’m surprised by how quickly boxes are filling up. Shoes, clothes, and a few other things aren’t even included in the picture below.

The first thing I occupied myself with is selecting books. Then there’s one thing that I knew I would bring for sure. I’ve been saving the mug below for university. I don’t have any good reason for it other than that it seemed fitting, haha. One of my ‘oldest’ internet friends sent it to me after I received my unconditional offer. It’s one of the most suiting gifts I’ve ever gotten, so, naturally, I’ve been staring at it rather than using it.


Coming up after is my planned wall decoration. It’s not allowed to drill holes in the walls or to leave any mark on any of them so I’ll be using Command picture hanging strips to stick postcards (& pictures) from my friends and family to the wall. I did something similar in my room in our old house and am very excited to get started. Decorating is a lot of fun!


So anyhow, the reason why I can bring so many stuff is because my mom and I are going by car. For a long time, we weren’t sure whether I should go by plane and train or not. We decided on going by car because it enables me to bring more of my belongings. We also figured it would be a good idea to bring a stack of shampoo etc. because #1 I will be able to use the products that my hair is used to and #2 the pound is more expensive than the euro. Another thing I’m going to take is Hagelslag (sprinkles) and Pepernoten. Those two are of great value! I’m so happy now that supermarkets are stocking Pepernoten up early!


Only 12 days left. I can’t wait!


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  1. Ilse

    Woa, dat is one sick packinglist, dame! En alles in Excel ook echt, whaha! Wél slim! En als je vier jaar weggaat, is het al helemaal wel slim. =)

  2. robin

    wow super vet dat je naar Engeland gaat! :D (neem ik aan in ieder geval? XD) wel fijn dat je met de auto gaat… veel fijner als je veel spullen van jezelf bij je hebt :3

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