Activities Week & Exploring

Activities week was basically a 3-day lasting ‘week’ in which we got to try out different sports and societies. You could choose between sports ranging from underwater hockey to lacrosse and to basketball, but I had already set my eyes on football. Since football only took up 2 of my choices, I also tried out tennis, running and gave the LGBT club a go. For some reason, I was the only fresher to choose an activity at a certain time which made it a bit harder to make friends. However, next to these activities we had dinner together on three of the evenings.

On the first evening, we attended a quiz. I went there with James and Daniel from my flat but ended up in a group of people from another accommodation. I did not contribute to their score at all, but it barely seemed to matter once all the clubs came in to try and persuade freshers to join them. I’m pretty sure I spoke to nearly all the clubs but gave them the apologetic answer that I already knew I wanted to join the football club. Somehow, though, I could not find them until James did it for me. I was a ball of anxiety.

On the second evening, we enjoyed a fancy dinner at the pier and I met one of my first friends, Robert. I believe we talked about unicorns and superstition- then decided to ditch everyone when they went out.

On the last evening, a ball was planned. James, Daniel and I were stressing out over what to wear. In the end, we only went because we went together and James helped Daniel with his outfit. I’m not sure why they called the event a ball as it just wasn’t really, haha. But at least, the food was nice!

IMG_9579Earlier that day, a new student arrived in our halls. As an international student, she had the option to arrive two days prior to the rest of the students (excluding the ones attending sports week). We did not get to talk that evening but after the activities the next day we did.  On the third and last day, I chose to try out the running club. I assumed that we would do some sprinting but instead, we went for an actual run. Have you seen Aberystwyth? The place is full of hills and being used to the Dutch landscape I wasn’t exactly prepared for a run in the hills- especially not with the pace of the two leading guys. However, the paths that we took were beautiful and so I wanted to come back with my camera. I dragged Lise out with me with the promise to look for the castle which we believed was up a hill somewhere in Aberystwyth (ha ha, right.) Note to self: do research before exploring.














The path in the forest is only 5 minutes away from our accommodation and it does not take very long to walk to the top for the following view either.

When reaching the top with the running club, we took a short break. After that, we ran down into town, but Lise and I decided to keep on walking forward instead on a path that lead us around the hill. After all, we were on the lookout for the castle which we still believed was somewhere up a hill.


As you can see, the view was incredible! However, instead of finding a castle we found a golf court. To make matters worse, we were not sure how to get back to the university without taking the same way back and… the only reason we got up here was because we climbed up through a self-created-path with a lot of stinging plants. The sun was starting to set, though, so we didn’t have much of a choice. Once we started to head back and looked at the view in front of us we suddenly spotted the castle in town. (Hence, why we should have done some research first.)


That evening, one more student arrived on our floor, but I did not see her, for I was already in bed. The following two days the rest of the students arrived and the university literally came to life.


If you are interested in attending activities week this year, you can sign up here!


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