What freshers week was like

Back in 2015, I intended to write a post about what freshers week was like. It might be a little bit late now, but I like to so that I can save the memory. Looking back at the pictures from that week our haircuts all seem a little bit shorter and all our faces look that little bit younger. It feels like Freshers week took place ages ago, but I will try to recall it as best as I can.


Prior to the start of the week, I met all of my flatmates in the weekend. On the very first night with all of our rooms in the flat filled, we did an attempt to go out with all of us. It wasn’t a long night out because I ended up leaving once anxiety took over. I wanted them to enjoy the rest of the night, but sweet as they were they followed me back to the flat where I had already shut my door, unable to speak to them out of embarrassment.








Freshers week was filled with fairs during the day and events hosted by the students union in the evening. I don’t recall going to many of the evening events but I went to all the fairs with Pippa and Lise. On the first day, the fair was occupied by local branches from town. Societies and sports clubs came in the days after. Pippa took a flyer from literally every stand and signed up for all the clubs by email. I’m not going to lie, I then started doing the same because I didn’t want to miss out. Of course, this has resulted in a countless amount of spam in our inboxes this year, but it got us free cupcakes and sweets at the time!


We got to play laser quest in the students union, I watched my first ever rugby match and we went to a comedy performance in which this one guy kept going on about Coffeeeeeeeee ~








We attended an introduction talk for international students that was followed by a free bus trip through Aberystwyth after.








We also did a little bit of exploring ourselves.









And we even managed to do the boring stuff and filled in our doctor’s forms.








During all the time we spend together in our rooms we got to know Daniel as a tea lover. From day one, Daniel has been kindly offering us his tea. ‘You do not like to drink a lot of tea? I will fix that.’


Then of course, for the ones that were up for it, the week was filled with parties and alcohol. After freshers week, Will got recognised by a lot of people for his love for whisky and Asians…. apparently.

All in all, it was a crazy week filled with fun. So much fun that we didn’t even mind the fire alarms back then.



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