Trip to Aberystwyth

In the last post before my 3-month break, I talked about stress. It turned out that the stress became too much for my body to handle and I became ill right a day before I had to leave. I felt so miserable that I had no choice but to lie in bed and mum finished packing for me. We left on Monday morning and my mum ended up driving all the way to Aberystwyth in one day.








The trip was less than ideal as I felt nearly as ill as the day before and apparently, seasickness gets heightened when you are feeling sick, definitely not recommended! However, the trip was worth it and although we arrived late at the night, we made it to Aberystwyth!



After staying in the Garden Cottage Guesthouse for a night, we arrived at the university the next morning. We had to pick up my key first and I received my t-shirt for the sports week. The picture below on the right is the building of my accommodation for this academic year.









Out of everyone I may have brought most luggage and I regretted it once we found out that we’d have to carry it up the staircases. To be precise, I brought 5 boxes full of… things, plus two filled suitcases, hehe. Luckily I was not the only one to arrive on my floor that day. I met James and his mother, who kindly offered to help me and my mom with carrying the boxes. In the end, they actually carried most of my stuff.


James in front, Will in the back and me in our kitchen in perhaps the 5th week in Aberystwyth



The view from our kitchen

My mom helped me unpack and soon the empty room got overfilled by my stuff. We used a little part of the afternoon to buy a few missing things in town and by 6 o’clock it was time for mom to leave.


She had to leave because at 6 o’clock Activities week was about to start. I have to admit that at that point I felt scared. It seemed a lot safer to have dinner with my mom. Instead, I was about to have dinner with 60 others that I did not yet know. There was no time to flee, however, as James knocked on my door and asked me if I was ready to go.


…and that was the start of my time at Aberystwyth University.


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