Deoksung Palace

In Seoul, you can find five “grand palaces”. Most tourists are likely to visit only one or two, but if you wish to visit all, an “integrated-ticket-of-palaces” can save you some money. In general though, if you like to visit cultural sites you are at luck in Korea. The entry fees for these places are barely high whereas the entry fees for attraction parks and non-cultural museums are. I mean, an entry fee of 1000 won (80 euro cent) for a palace is quite alright, don’t you think? :)


To be fair, this palace isn’t very special nor big. Do not visit Deoksung Palace if you have already seen another one. The reason the palace is quite small is that it was heavily destroyed during the colonial period of Korea. What makes it special now are the western style garden and fountain.


The palace is also home to the National Museum of Art, which held an exhibition of contemporary art when we visited. Inside, you are not allowed to take any pictures. There are more than one ‘guards’ in every single room who stand up and almost start to follow you as soon as you enter.

Our visit to this palace felt more like visiting a pretty park to relax. It inspired Ina to try and capture as many pictures of us as she could. Luckily, this is as close to getting famous as we’ll get.


We visited this palace because Gyeongbokgung Palace was closed. 09/06/2015.


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