Surrounded by mist on Udo Island

On our last day on Jeju, we took a ferry to Udo Island. What is so special about Udo Island? I guess it has this rare quality of making you feel as if you’re in a movie. And with that, I mean a… ‘you’re surrounded by mist with monsters waiting for you’ movie. Do you know that one movie, The Mist? Tourist guides say you should go to Udo for the view, but I guess that only applies when the weather is good.

As the ferry set off, the mist only seemed to grow thicker… dissipating the shore and mountains which you would otherwise see around you. Upon reaching the island, sudden movements in the water caught our attention.
A figure appeared in the waves and then all at once there were dozens of them.


“It’s the Haenyo!”

The woman divers of Udo and Jeju Island. Instead of fishermen, they have fisherwoman. They are able to dive up to 20 meters to harvest seaweed and fish like octopuses. I guess we did not see monsters after all then. This new revealment encourages us to continue our touristic journey.

First stop, viewpoint #1. You were supposed to see a lighthouse.


Apparently, the grass is an attraction too because you don’t often find it in Seoul.
This picture is special because of the grass!


Did you know ‘udo’ means cow? Well, it does. The island is called Udo Island because it has the shape of a cow. To keep ourselves safe from the possible monsters in the mist, we took a bus that stops at the 4 touristic destinations.


The second destination is famous for its black lava cliffs. Next to this, I also spotted a very cute monster. Well, I guess it is not a monster at all. The mist started to slowly clear away from that point on.









At the third stop, we reached a beach. As I dislike water and swimming very, very much, I did not feel entitled to test out the waters. Hence why you only see one pair of shoes; Ina’s shoes.


The fourth stop presented us another beach… how much I love beaches…

car_uso_islandAfter taking the bus, we figured out we could have taken a blue vehicle instead. All in all, I think we were still too exhausted from the Hallasan mountain. Being a full-time tourist for 4 days in a row is too much and I was happy once we headed back to our hotel.

As foreigners, we also didn’t feel as welcomed on Udo. Ina can speak Korean but instead of embracing her effort to speak their language, they more so looked down on it.

We got a clear view on the ferry back to Jeju-do Island, but we were too exhausted to pay much attention to it. At least we did all the touristic things we planned on doing on Jeju-do Island.


We visited Udo Island on 14/06/15
PS: U means cow, do basically means ‘island’ but tourists refer to the island as Udo island.

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