Hello Kitty Cafe and actual cats


We did the Hongdae exIMG_0753perience, which in our case means we visited differently themed cafes starting with the Hello Kitty Desert Cafe. It was morning when we got there and we hadn’t had any breakfast yet or, any actual food and we did not get it in here either. Rather, we had some shaved ice cream; a double chocolate something with a Hello-Kitty-head ice cream.



Once you step inside, be prepared for an overdose of pink.
















Ina also decided to give me a little souvenir… Hello Kitty socks with Hello Kitty wearing a hanbok.
No doubt I will wear these every day.












Board Game Cafe


In this cafe, you can pick any board game you want to play. You pay for an hour and then an additional amount for every 15 minutes after the first hour. It is also mandatory that you order a drink. Since we weren’t very keen on trying to translate Korean guidelines, we picked a simple but old & gold game: Who Is? I’m proud to say that I actually won- after losing a couple of dozen times ;D


Cat Cafe
Eventually, we reached the place that we set out for in the first place.
Step inside where…


Cats rule the world.


No, seriously, there are rules.


You can pick up a cat, instead of coffee or tea.


Cats either keep a safe distance or attack you head on first… from below.











A floor is meant for walking.







My table…


At least one cat got it right.


Wait- is this even a cat?


Hahaha, yes, that’s totally a cat.


Awww, they do love us after all.


Okay so basically you pay the entrance fee and a drink (coffee, tea, hot or cold) at the same time. You can stay as long as you want and cuddle or play with all the cats if the cats feel like it. There are a lot of cat cafes in Korea and chances are you will walk into a giant plushy cat on the street, someday. Korea has a broad range of other interesting cafes. If you are more of a dog person, why not visit a dog cafe? Sheep cafes exist too. It is not an attractive cafe for tourists, but there are study cafes too. As well as bicycle cafes, photography cafes and one typically meant for tourists: a Hanbok cafe, where you can wear traditional Korean clothes, enjoy a drink and take loads of pictures. Another interesting cafe could be the Charlie Brown cafe, but three in one day were enough for us!


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