My struggle at University

When I came to university I was afraid that I would not be able to live up to the standards of academic work. Like most, I was also afraid that I might not make any friends and at the same time, I had the slight fear of having chosen a course that I wouldn’t like after all. Then once I There’s more for you to read!

Nadolig Llawen! Merry Christmas!

On the 8th of November, I heard the first Christmas song in our flat. Halloween decorations were removed from doors and replaced by Christmas decorations instead. For one, people like Christmas a lot, but on the other hand, since the vacation period started quite early we could not afford to wait too long to celebrate it. James organised our very own There’s more for you to read!

Activities Week & Exploring

Activities week was basically a 3-day lasting ‘week’ in which we got to try out different sports and societies. You could choose between sports ranging from underwater hockey to lacrosse and to basketball, but I had already set my eyes on football. Since football only took up 2 of my choices, I also tried out tennis, running and gave the There’s more for you to read!

Trip to Aberystwyth

In the last post before my 3-month break, I talked about stress. It turned out that the stress became too much for my body to handle and I became ill right a day before I had to leave. I felt so miserable that I had no choice but to lie in bed and mum finished packing for me. We left There’s more for you to read!

Study in the UK | Find your university

Like I once did, you must have figured out that you want to study in the UK. That is great! But here comes the next question… where do you want to study? If you know what you want to study that’s a good point to start. Every year The Guardian publishes a new university guide league table for a lot of There’s more for you to read!

Packing for university

Including today, there are only 12 days left until I move from this rainy country to the other. Needless to say, it is about time to start packing and our little ‘scavenger hunt’ for supplies is well on its way. The first thing my mum knew to find was the bedding. The accommodation only provides the frame of a bed There’s more for you to read!

The struggle of proving my identity

Mid-September I will be moving to Aberystwyth to start an undergraduate study in Creative Writing. One of the reasons I ended up choosing to study in the UK and in Wales specifically is because their government enables you to loan the entire tuition fee for the study. The difference between studying in Wales and, for example in England, is that There’s more for you to read!